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VIC HARRIS – Lead Vox, Rhythm Geetar

Vic is the Lead Vocalist of the FREE BIRD and has been singin' and playin' the geetar since he
was 8. Over the years, Vic has played with bunches of bands included SOUTHERN ROCK
SUPERSTARS and ARRIVAL-THE JOURNEY TRIBUTE. Vic also enjoys writin' music and has
done some recordin' down yonder in Nashville! Vic plays Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster
geetars thru Marshall Amps. Vic has many interests, but music is his most favorite hobby!

MIKE KOBYLSKI - Drum Whacker Guy

BILLY BROCK - Keyboards

Words cannot describe the amazin' Billy Brock! He is the young buck of our
posse and tickles the ivory's like a seasoned pro twice his age...hell, maybe even
three times. He has been performin' around Cleveland for years now playin'
everything from ACDC to ZZ Top. He is an exceptional honky tonk payer
custom made to play Lynyrd Skynyrd like the late great Billy Powell. Is it a
coincidence his name is Billy?

– Co-Lead Geetar, Vox

– Bass Geetar, Vox

- Co-Lead Geetar, Vox
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